Engineering Project Management

Each project will have a Engineering Project Manager assigned in order to have a single point of contact.  The EPM will be responsible for creating and maintaining all schedules and reports.  Scheduling is a very important part of any project and we start each project with a detailed schedule to track all tasks. This not only allows 5SE-Design and our customers to keep up with the project development but also helps to identify potential issues that might impact schedule and cost. The schedule is considered to be a living document that will constantly be monitored and updated for not only the proposed schedule but will also track the actual results along the way.  This tracking will allow us to to plan future projects more accurately.  The EPM will also be responsible for status reporting which can be done to meet customers needs.

Configuration Management

5SE-Design understands just how important it is to have a good Data Management System in place.  Many customers have not utilized the new advanced tools ie. PDMWorks, Intralink, Windchill and Arena due to the extra time and cost it takes to maintain.  We on the other hand are working on an affordable web based system which we will be able to offer as a standard with all projects large and small.  This system will be capable of handling change control as well as preliminary and production release.  This section will constantly add more detail in the coming months so check back periodically to see the updates.

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