5SE-Design has a growing list of Engineering Resources which helps with additional personnel or specific engineering expertise and services.  We are working hard to supply our customers with a highly versatile team so we may meet their ever changing needs.  We feel the most efficient way to do this is by utilizing business partners with a wide range of specialities.  

Since we offer design services in various engineering sectors ranging from military and government type contracts  right down to the smallest of design needs commercially, we have to supply our customers with the latest software, best hardware and most proficient employees to do the job.  By leveraging our business partners to fill specific needs our customers see a smooth transition as their needs increase or decrease.  

As time goes on we will continue to increase the services we offer and grow our business resources to better serve our customers.  These resources will be listed on this site in the future and we encourage engineers, designers and other service companies to contact us with their special services so that we may become partners in this ever expanding and growing world.

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